The Energy Industries Club

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About Us

The Energy Industries Club was founded on 20 October 1981 following a merger between the Fuel Luncheon Club, founded in 1935, and the Electrical Industries Club, founded in 1954. It operates as a not-for-profit club, and is governed by a committee and a President, who serves for a term of two years. The Constitution and Rules of the Club may be viewed here.




Lawrence Slade FEI


Vice President:

Matthew Gordon


Past Presidents:

Dr Jeff Chapman

William Fortescue FEI

Louise Kingham OBE FEI

Michael Lodge

Chris Murray MBE FEI

David Porter OBE Hon FEI

Dr Alf Roberts


Michael Gibbons CBE FEI


Committee Members:

Matthew Gordon

John Ingham FEI

Janet Wood  

Graham Ward CBE FEI

Lesley Rudd OBE

Laurence Carpanini

Laura Sandys CBE

Denise Massey


Hon Secretary/Treasurer:

William Fortescue FEI


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