The Energy Industries Club is a networking and luncheon club for energy industry decision makers. The Club provides unique opportunities to meet and exchange views with a wide range of stakeholders throughout the industry in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Members gain exclusive access to up to eight lunch events each year at which high profile industry and government speakers address the membership and debate key issues impacting on the sector.

Speakers are drawn from a wide variety of sources and include Government and Opposition Ministers, senior Civil Servants, CEOs and Executives from the energy industry, Regulators and service providers.

The season’s programme is designed to explore current and future challenges affecting the energy industry, encouraging lively debate, networking and knowledge sharing. To facilitate free discussion, meetings are held under the Chatham House rule with no reporting of the proceedings.

If you are a decision maker or influencer in the energy industry, then for a small annual subscription, you will gain the opportunity to book places for yourself and, if you choose, your guests at each of our networking lunch events held at approximately monthly intervals between October and May.

We are a not-for-profit club, so our service is provided at cost.