About us

The Energy Industries Club was founded on 20 October 1981 following a merger between the Fuel Luncheon Club, founded in 1935, and the Electrical Industries Club, founded in 1954. It operates as a not-for-profit club, and is governed by a committee and a President, who serves for a term of two years.

Matthew Gordon

Vice President
Denise Massey

Past Presidents
Lawrence Slade FEI
Dr Jeff Chapman
William Fortescue FEI
Louise Kingham OBE FEI
Michael Lodge
Chris Murray MBE FEI
David Porter OBE Hon FEI
Dr Alf Roberts
Michael Gibbons CBE FEI

Committee Members
Nick Wayth
Matthew Gordon
Janet Wood
Graham Ward CBE FEI
Lesley Rudd OBE
Munir Hassan
Laurence Carpanini FEI
Laura Sandys CBE
Denise Massey
Ruth Herbert

Hon Secretary/Treasurer
William Fortescue FEI